ELL Division
División ELL

Support services and programs offered by the English Language Learner Division.

Servicios de apoyo y programas que ofrece la División de Aprendientes del Idioma Inglés.

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Master Plan for ELL Success
Plan Maestro para el Éxito de los estudiantes ELL

Comprehensive vision and roadmap for English Language Learner success that embodies the aspirations of our District’s parents, students, educators, and community members.

La visión integral y hoja de ruta para el éxito del Aprendiente del Idioma Inglés que incorpora las aspiraciones de los padres, estudiantes, educadores y miembros de la comunidad de nuestro distrito.

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CCSD’s Vision for English Language Learner Success

In partnership with families and communities, Clark County School District empowers all English Language Learners by providing high-quality, rigorous, engaging instruction in a supportive and safe learning environment that values their cultural and linguistic diversity so that they graduate college- and career-ready as biliterate, productive,
and global-minded citizens.