Instructional Supports

Newcomer First Days Support Guide for School Staff (PDF)
Guide for school staff when welcoming an ELL newcomer student

Classroom Vocabulary and phrase cards in English (PDF)
Visual supports to “label the classroom” and familiarize newcomers with everyday language.

Peer Mentor Program Guides
Peer mentoring activities within this guide will work well for any newcomer.

Google Translate
Free multilingual translation service

Bilingual Glossaries
Glossaries available by subject and grade band

Khan Academy in other languages
Instructional videos and practice exercises in math, science, history, and other related subjects available in thirty-five (35) languages.

Refugee Guides for:

FREE online books
A collection of picture books in multiple languages, organized by themes (mostly non-fiction), with audio integration.

Diversity Book Lists
Book lists regarding culture, language, religion, and other diverse groups.

Lesson Plans and Activities
Includes lessons for teachers of newcomer students. Lessons include acclimation for grades K-12 and ELA content for grades 6-12.